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Re: Cell phone harness connections

On Jan 20, 11:22am, Komljanec, Tony wrote:
> Subject: Cell phone harness connections
> My '93 100 CSQ didn't come with a cell phone installed.  I'd like
> to make use the existing cell phone harness (RJ-45 and speaker
> lead) that is available under the armrest, but have been searching
> in the trunk for the other end and cannot find it.  Can anyone
> describe exactly where the factory  would have tucked the radio
> end of the harness?

I don't know about the 100, but I can tell you where it is on
an A4 (perhaps they put it in the same place?  Nah....)

On the A4, it's underneath the trunk liner, up over the wheel
well of the left (driver's side, US) rear tire.  It's tied down
with a cable tie.  It's a DB-25 type connector.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q