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What If Dept.- Audi RS4

	What if they build us an RS4. Imagine this. Take an Audi A4. Install 2.8l
30V twin turbo tuned by Porsche, lowered taughter suspension again tuned by
Porsche. Install Recaro sport seats, 17" Porsche Boxster style rims.
Redesign the front and rear bumper fascias to mimic Boxster styling.
Install large sideskirts that slope down from the center to meet the wheel
(similar to M3). Just behind the front wheels embedded in the sideskirt,
picture a brushed aluminum audi emblem. Behind the Boxster wheels install
Porsche yellow powdercoated brake calipers with Porsche logo along with
slotted discs. On the roof install a fuba roof antenna (like on the
Avants). On the trunk would be located a rear spoiler.
	The only emblems would look like this.
       /            /      /       /      /
      /            /      /       /      /
     / OOOO /  R  /  S  /  4  /

	And instead of cobalt blue for the R segment, how about Porsche's yellow.
Here is why. Red Silver and Blue coloring looks a little to USA. Red,
Yellow (gold) and silver are close to the German red gold and black. Also
Audi has taken to using the yellow on the BTCC A4 cars. Note Biela's rear
view mirrors.
	I think any audi fan would salivate at the idea. Further, Porsche fans
might too. Why not sell them in Porsche dealerships as well, atleast in
areas where the Audi and Porsche dealers are not competitive.