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What If Dept. - Country Suspension Package

	Chew on this. Imagine if Audi offered a suspension package similar to that
on the Range Rover. At times deemed by the driver of the car, the audi
could raise it's clearance to several inches more, like a rally car. In
situations of dep snow or mud, the Audi would raise allowing the quattro
system to do it's thing getting the car through the deterrent.
	Otherwise the car would lower and drive at normal height, allowing for
greater high speed stability and handling. In today's trend of SUVs this is
right up Audi's alley as a technological alternative. I also think it'd do
particularly well in my proposed Audi A5 minivan. There's something that
would set the A5 minivan carlengths ahead of say... a Chrysler Town &
Country awd minivan.
	I'm sure such an option would be expensive, so you wouldn't put it on an
A3, A4 1.8T etc, but on a loaded S6 Quattro Avant, A8 or A5 Minivan why
not? It makes sense. 
	...always dreaming of Audi as a player...