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Re: Audi recommendation wanted

Andreas Meyer asked about auto trannies:

>The question I have is how reliable are those trannies. I 
>looked through the archive and saw some of the same horror 
>stories that I heard of before, i.e. Audi slushboxes don't 
>seem to last very long and are VERY expensive to fix.

I have an '89 100E with a 3-speed tranny. Constantly missing 
the fourth gear since the engine revs a bit high (about 3000 
rpm at 60 mph), but I can live with that. The car has 102K 
miles and as far as I know have never had any problems with 
the transmission (except that "shift-lock" does not work).

Seems as reliable as any other auto.

Best.../// P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
'89 100E
'91 300ZXTT