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200tq cold starting.

	I recently purchased an '89 200tq sedan with 104,000mi. The car 
is very reliable and runs well with the exeption of a few minor 
problems. When starting the car cold it takes about 15-20 sec. for the 
car to start, when the car is warm it starts perfectly. It does not have 
to be ice cold for this problem to happen only if it hasn't been run in 
about 15-30min. The person I bought it from thought that it was a bad 
fuel pressure check vavle and he replaced it and the problem was not 
solved. Also, the car seems to be suffering from a hesitation. The power 
seems to surge in and out under acceleration. I also notice the emission 
systems check light comes on when I press the throttle down more than 
half way. I don't know if these problems are related, but I've noticed 
that the gas milage seems pretty poor. I hope that someone out there can 
help me solve these problems. I am also looking for a set of '91 200tq 
20v wheels, so if any has a set for sale please drop me a line.

Mike DePolo

89 200tq
84 4ksq
86 5ks