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Re: Synthetic ATF

I got your message, I like it!!!!!!!!
So far, after my "glance over " can't argue with much (surprise, surprise),
I will make some comments later today as for the specific information you
were asking about,
I loved it, it was good (did you get your degree, in communication? grin,
laugh!) I would like a beer about now too, I tried some Kiwi beer last
week, a twelve pack, and it was good! bitter but good.
I got to read what the other brothers say today (about 100+ posts).
Adios for now, later today,
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq
got all the warm feelings from his friends on the list (today the top ones
are Al and Bernie, smile, laugh, etc.)
Still wish I had a Kiwi beer about now,