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Netiquette and Untrimmed Posts

 > I agree that the bitching must stop, but what also must stop is 
 > the huge amount of UNTRIMMED POSTS.  I am sick of digests that are 
 > nothing but repeats of previous messages because people are too 
 > lazy to trim their posts. 
Amen! As you can see, I'm accessing the net thru CompuServe. My CIS-specific 
mail software (which handles mail the same whether it's off the net or from 
another CISer) allows me to quote back a snippet of the post I'm replying to, 
for context, as I did above.
I've held back on saying anything because I have no experience of net-specific 
mailers such as Pine, Eudora, you-name-it, and I didn't want to pass judgment 
under the circumstances. I've been giving other QListers the benefit of the 
doubt on this issue. If this BOTD was unwarranted and folks are capable of 
trimming posts after all, then they should certainly be doing so!
--Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; Internet: 72220.443@compuserve.com