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Re: 36 hours with our A4 (we got it!) (semi-LONG)

Gregory C. Heidt writes:
> I was going to purchase the Audi 6 disc cd-changer with my '97 A4Q, until I
> found out the dealer wanted $650 installed.  So, I contacted a nationally
> known car stereo center down here in Bradenton, FL called MAD MARKS.  He
> knew of the car and knew that Alpine made the cd-player for Audi.  So,
> after he did some research, he found out that the Alpine 601 six disc
> changer is the exact same changer that Audi uses.  BUT, the connector on
> the back is different.  So, he said I need the adapter to connect to the
> factory prewire.

The difference between the standard Alpine CD changer and the Audi unit
is not only in the connector style, but also in the control protocol
between the head unit and the changer.  A proper "adapter" involves
some fancy electronics to convert the protocol as well.  That "adapter" is
not going to be a cheap item.  So while it might appear to be a good deal
to buy an aftermarket Alpine unit, add in the cost of the adapter and
the savings dimishes.

The price of the Audi changer is sometimes negotiable, just put that
in as part of the bargaining process for the car.

Also, consider that the real Audi unit will be covered by the car's
Audi Advantage program and warranty and there is a good reason why
the factory unit is not a bad way to go.

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