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Re: Netiquette and Untrimmed Posts

> I agree that the bitching must stop, but what also must stop is the huge
> amount of UNTRIMMED POSTS.
> Please stop this nonsense.  Nobody wants to have the Internet as a whole
> slowed down by this crap.

I'll say it again... my day job is keeping the Internet fast and email is
by far not the major consumer of bandwidth.  But it is a major consumer
of *time*.

Untrimmed quotations aren't rude because they take up bandwidth --
they're rude because they take extra time to read.  The recipient has to
mentally trim away all the unnecessary text you didn't bother to delete.

When you post a message that's untrimmed or doesn't need to go to the
list, you're not really hurting the technology -- but you're taking the
finite time of each of the several hundred readers.  Worry about that.