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Weird Audis by Treser

Hi all,

While trying to identify a car I saw in a movie yesterday, I leafed through
a book I hadn't looked at for some time. It's called 'Dream Cars' by Ian
Kuah, and is mostly about the absurd custom and tuned cars of the 80's.
I'd completely forgotten that there was a chapter in this book about Audis.
Of course, regular Audis didn't cut it inbetween Porsche 928 station wagons
and silly Sbarro creations, so they took the Treser Audis instead.

How to destroy a nice-looking Audi? Well, just give it to Walter Treser...
the story mentions the lengthened 200 (with maroon leather-covered
dashboard and optional bulletproofing), Treser's cross between the Avant
and Sedan versions (whoa-*extremely* ugly!) and of course the UrQ roadster
with crudely screwed-in analog dash and hydraulically-operated power top.

If anyone's interested, I'll do a translation of the text and see if I can
get the pictures up on the 'web. These cars must qualify as the ugliest
things ever to bear the Audi rings...

1988 80 1.8S (Treser? Naaah...)

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