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Hella XL's

>Hella XL - US DOT approved low beam auxiliary - 99.95 @ Pep Boys   
>wires, 55W H3s, and switch.
>They look pretty nice above the bumper (where they're supposed to be   

I went out and looked at the pictures on Powell's site.  This setup seems   
to be ideal especially viewed from a rebundancy point of view.  From your   
experience, would it be possible from a structural / logical point of   
view to mount them from inside the bumper assembly, shining out through   
carefully cut holes?  It seems like that could be a really good looking   
alternative.  Flames dealing with my relative level of sanity can be sent   
to me direct...   :)

Thanks In Adavnce,
Robert Dupree

'87 5000CS Quattro