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RE: Mrs. Orcutt's driveway...

Duff, Ian wrote on Tue, 21 Jan 1997 10:43:45 -0500

>Crap & Drivel (tm) showed pics of it a couple of times, it appeared
>to be in tumbleweed/cactus country, with *big* mountains in the
>background, and cars attempting to violate the laws of physics in the
>foreground. Being from God's Country (otherwise known as the People's
>Republic of Massachusetts), hence unfamiliar with Hell Ay, I couldn't
>comment on how close it might be to that august city.

Yo Ian:

I think this stretch of road is on the I-15, between Barstow and Baker
CA on the way to Las Vegas.  The mountains you see in the background
could be the San Bernadinos or the Sodas, as they are pretty big (by
East Coast standards).  This area is very desolate, very flat (usually),
and very speed-friendly.  I have driven it several times from LA to
Vegas, and there are several exits not marked, running off into the
desert, and Orcutt sounds familiar.

BTW, "Hell Ay" is nowhere near as bad as Mass.  With the exception of
William Weld and Terry Glenn (Patriots), the state is useless. :)

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