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Re: AWD performance

I thought I would throw in a few comments from an INTERMEDIATE driver.  I 
enjoy driving, however, I have never raced and have never even taken my car 
onto a race track.

I bought an 84 80q in 1990 because I got one for about the same cost as a 
FWD Audi 80.  What I've noticed over the years is that this car out handles 
all others I have ever driven including VW Golf GTis, Porsche 924 and a 
Honda Civic 1.6i16.  By "out handles" I mean - doesn't spin wheels on take 
off, goes around corners as if it's on rails.

If the centre diff is locked, then it corners even flatter and gives amazing 
(and justified) confidence to the driver.  (Note I don't take it to extremes 
on public roads, therefore, I don't notice the understeer/oversteer effect 
of sliding round a corner under power)

Not being a racing driver, my technique around the corners is far from 
perfect, but the quattro drive train can cope with this.  It even allows you 
to lift off halfway through a corner without throwing you backwards through 
a hedge - something that rwd and fwd are not so forgiving about.

This is not an empirical test - it could be something to do with a good 
suspension coupled to good alignment, but I believe for average drivers, the 
quattro drive train allows you to drive faster with safety - even in the dry 
 - even with stock (135hp) engines.

I liked the comment from one list member who suggested comparing a 80q with 
an 80 around a race track.  What about comparing an 80q with an 80q with 
it's centre driveshaft removed and carried in the car?

Feel free to disagree - I'm sure many of you will!

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1989 Audi 100 Avant