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Re: Sport Quattro (humor)

>Just an update:
>Got the title for my Urq from the IL SOS yesterday, and low and behold my
>Sport Quattro has been retained under car Model.  I was amused that the MI
>title had this spelled out, and thought IL might lose that covetted
>nomenclature.  Not lost, just abbreviated: SPT QTRO.  Maybe it will sell for
>$100k when I turn it around.....


Sounds like I'm coming into this one late.  Do you have a Sport Quattro, or
is it an ongoing joke that the good folks at MI's SOS office started?

Many years ago (about 1984/5), I was asked if I'd like to deliver a genuine
Group B (A maybe?) full race Quattro from Lansing, MI to Pontiac, MI by my
faithful employer of the time, GM.  No fool, I lunged for the car keys in
an embarassing display of groveling.  It turned out to be a shortened
wheelbase model with cockpit adjustable front-to-rear torque bias/turbo
boost/shock damping (lots o' dials...).  I had to deliver it by 11:00 the
next morning, and it was about a 90 minute drive.  I left at 6 am......:)
My hands were still shaking with adrenelin when I handed it over 5 hours