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Re: Netiquette

In sometime, somewhere, some space, STEADIRIC@aol.com brewed up:


>It would be different if you KNEW what your were talking about........... 
> But when you don't have a clue and keep arguing it get's old REAL 

I tend to agree here, too, Avi. You began to post several things about
synthetics here and there, and even had questioned 'em now and then. And
when the replies get to some volume (and somewhat, ur, spirited), you
suddently claim A LOT of knowledge toward engine oil in general. But
frankly, I can't recall one instance from your posts that remotely showed
the technical know-how you've claimed.

If you do know the subject, share. Put 'em in your replies as to why or
why not the synthetics make. It does get bone old when all you replied was
"...I wouldn't do that" or "...I had not-so-pleasant dealing with

Sheesh -- what's worse? -10 degrees and snowing, or 60 degrees AND

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