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Shawn writes:

> Thanks alot for the bra info, I just ordered one.  I have a cologan for
> M3 they are great.  Do  you leave yours on all the time?

No.  I only use it for long trips or when it is love bug season down here
in Florida.  If I do put it on, I make sure to take it off as soon as it
gets wet or after 1 week (what ever comes first).  Although, it was soaked
from Vermont to Florida.  But it dried out once we got south of Washington,
DC.   I really couldn't remove it during the trip but as soon as I got
home, off it came.  It worked great.

When you get your Bra, you will probable have one hell of a time getting it
on.  Make sure the bra is very warm.  I had to pull the living s&^% out of
mine.  I mean, I really didn't think it would fit.  But after about 30 min
and 1 other guy, I got it on! 

Also, I cut the holes out for my headlight washers.  The holes are perfect.
 If you decide to do this, cut on the inside of the hole.  You can then
tuck the excess under the washer pop-ups.  

One last thing, you can order it with and without the front license plate

I also purchased the outside mirror covers.  They really protected the
front of the mirrors.

Oh yea!!  When you get your bra on, you will have to secure a long bungie
hook to the back side of the hood (towards the windshield).  On the
passenger side, there is a small hole that holds the bungie hook perfectly.
 But, on the driver's side, the same hole is holding a tie down that holds
the windshield fluid tube in place.  I could not find another hole to hook
the driver's side bungie to. So, I ended up drilling another hole in the
hood.  It worked great.  (Although I now have gray hair).  If you find
another place to hook this bungie too, please let me know.

Good luck, if you need help drop me a line.

Greg Heidt
Sarasota, FL  
97 A4Q 2.8 5 speed
PS:  I was wondering how the A4Q compares to the M3?