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HIDing behind watt?


	I spent a few minutes playing with an HID light today.  This one 
was made by Hella, and appears to be very close to a production unit.  It 
has a replacable bulb, which is very good.  Maintenance costs should be 
much reduced as a result.  The bulb was made by Phillips, and was marked 
as a 35watt bulb.  I found that it produced relatively equal light 
regardless of input voltage.  when the voltage dropped as far down as 8 
volts, then you could tell it dimmed slightly, but as long as I was above 
10v, it was as bright as at 14v.  At 14v, it drew 3.0 amps.  While it was 
still cold, the current seemed to fluctuate a little between 5 and 3 
amps, but it eventually settled at 3.0 amps.

	I removed the cover to the aluminum box, and was absolutely 
astonished at the sheer numbers of electronic components!  There were 
hundreds of resistors, microchips, transistors, capacitors, and a few 
other things that i couldn't name.  It looked like a computer in there!

	I can see why they are very expensive at this point.

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