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Re: AWD performance - bit lengthy

For those who have not yet tired of this discussion....

I purchased  a copy of the December 1996 issue of 'car' magazine today.
It has an article titled .....
"20 of the Worlds Best-Handling Cars rated on road and track"

I don't put an enormous amount of weight in what some self-proclaimed
motoring journalists have to say but the article reads well, there were 8
people testing and they came up with very similiar opinions.

They tested the cars flat around Thruxton Circuit and at "8/10ths" along B
grade English roads.

The cars were rated... "It won't necessarily be the car that lapped the
Thruxton circuit fastest, nor the best able to perform powerslides. It's all
down to the thrills without fear, confidence without dullness, a feeling of
being intimately bonded with a cars very sinews without the car forcing
it's will on you."

and they finished in this order..
Lotus Elise, Subaru Impreza Turbo, MGF, Honda NSX, Pug 106 GTI,
Caterham Superlight, Pug 306 GTI-6, Lamborghini Diablo SV, Toyota
Supra, MB E36 AMG, Jaguar XK8, Nissan Primera Sri, Porsche 911,
Nissan GT-RV, BMW M3 Evo, BMW 528i, Citroen Xantia Activa, Alfa
Romeo GTV, BMW 318ti Compact, TVR Cerbera.

The conclusion about the Impreza - "Consider instead inspired handling
that makes an M3 feel clumsy and a 911 unpredictable."

The conclusion about the M3 - "On the track the M3's overall balance is
flawed: it often strays into either slight understeer or snap oversteer.
You are endlessly making slight steering corrections, to keep the show
on the road, continuously playing with the throttle to alter the cars 
behaviour. In some circumstances, this can be very entertaining. But in
absolute competence, the M3 just can't cope......In other cars you can go
just as fast, but with  considerably less to fear."

No Audi tested unfortunately, however I feel more confident in my UrQ
than the Impreza Turbo I tested. That says something to me. 
Just another $0.02 * 9 people.

'81 UrQ 95K miles