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Very unusual Ur-q. '83/'84 ?

In message <199701220321.WAA08039@rogerswave.ca> quattro@rogerswave.ca writes:

> I finally got to see the car that is was offered to me for sale.
> The funny thing is that it is kind of puzzling.
> The car was built in December of 1982 according to the sticker by the 
> door.  It is a Canadian model with kilometers / hour speedo.
> The car has a 1983 VIN  number ending with digits 114.

Under the bonnet (hood) on the front left side, close to where the front wing 
(fender) is bolted on, there is a flat painted surface.  It has a rubber stop 
for the bonnet, and the heads of the vertical screws for the headlight
assembly.  Sometimes, in one of the valleys, there are some numbers punched in 
the metal under the paint.  See anything?  
> What is unusual is that the car has:
> -Underhood fuse box!!

John Coughtrie's 1984 ur-quattro has this.  I've never seen an urq without it.

> -The dash illumination is red.  (I don't know if all TQC have that)
> -It has the two stage diff locking mechanism. (I know some '83 TQC's 
> had the one stage "lock it all or nothing" mechanism)

Never heard of a one-stage lock.  Some cars have a two-position switch.

> The parts look like they came with the car.
> There is a full history of this car including the original bill of 
> sale showing it was purchased in June of 1983 for $38,000 CDN.
> The paint looks good only from a distance (it was resprayed couple of 
> years ago) and it has a few runs.  There is a deep scratch about 2 
> inches long on the rear fender flare (ouch!) and the color is Mars 
> Red (yuck!).
> Considering the year and equipment, is this a fairly unique 
> automobile when compared to other TQC's?  Could this special 
> equipment really be factory original?

For a European car, it sounds pretty normal.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club