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Catalytic converter - '88 90q

Anyone have an opinion on the best place to get a new cat?  The choices I've
looked at so far are:
o Dealer - get raped on price (~$700), but you know what you're getting.
o Audi third parties (I've talked to GPR, Blau, etc.) - much cheaper
(~$200-300), but all no-name brands, unknown quality.
o VW - I tried my VW connections (Techtonics, RPI, etc.) since they sell
their own high-flow stuff & I thought they might cross-over to Audi, but
no..only to the 4 cylinder cars.
o Others - cheapo places (JC Whitney, local sources) prices are very low
(some around ~$100 for a generic) but an even bigger crap shoot in terms of

Anyone had experience w/this?  I'd like one that flows well and will last a
long time (like the original), but don't want to pay the dealer....TIA......SLM

Steve Manning:	stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
.....Mainly Mopars, two '88 Audi 90Q's (they're both back!!!), other stuff