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Phil sed:

>I'm surprised the Activa finished so low down.  I had great hopes of active
>suspension being what finally lured me out of my ur-quattro.
> Phil Payne
> phil@sievers.com
> Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

Is this a TRUE active suspension?  Meaning can it power the wheels both
down and up at fast cycle rates?  I was on the active suspension team for
the Corvette after GM purchased Lotus Engineering.  Got to drive a test
mule several times with a fully active suspension, and later pitch the
system to Roger Smith as a $30,000 option (GM's cost: $45,000).  It was
truly awesome and even a rank amateur could look like Emmo in the darn
thing. One major drawback was that you literally could not feel that you
were on the edge of adhesion until the world began to rotate.

Doug Miller