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Re: Not unglued - still paste

>Eric, I'm sure you have the expertise to make infinite corrections to my 
>post, as well as the graciousness to modify "superior" and "exact" 
>statements in your posts about aero/euro beam patterns.  If you reread the 
>statement I did not say it "creates" anything.  That statement is correct 
>that it produces more light power.  As I'm sure you know, P lighting 
>produces "less" light power, contrary to your earlier posts, the reflector 
>and bulb is a dumb device (Avi), it tends to send stray light to a lot of 
>places other than the filter, that produces "less" light output, measured 
>as lumens, that part is correct.    My statement as to "producing" more 
>light is appropriate and correct terminology, your referenced "creation" 
>was neither posted nor implied.  

Sorry comment incorrect on your part.  it's projecting more of the 
availble energy But there are still losses associated with reflectors and 
lenses that are greater than with "P" lamps.

>BTW, "BTW," I would need your reference 
>to why DE lamps are not efficient beyond 220 feet without specifying size, 
>shape, lense, bulb, aperature, and reflector type.  My research shows that 
>CLEARLY to be a misleading and incorrect "blanket" statement.   I'm sure 
>you have your source, please do post it.

Time for you to do more research.....  two words "Projector Lamp"

>Eric, some more of your "expertise" and background in explaining some of 
>your earlier posts might be in order here.  Some, in fact a lot, of your 
>one line and other expert "factual" statements clearly contradict most 
>available sources of information.  Maybe you can share with the list some 
>of the obvious differences between what is happening in film lighting vs 
>what is happening in the automotive field, it appears to be massively 
>different, though I found the application of theory the same (?).

It seems that your still having a problem with my HID effiency post.  
Sorry Your having a problem with it but my info is correct (As provided 
by Osram) I assure you.

Done doing your research.  I have a life and a real job, and I already 
know the answer's and have no desire to rehash it.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO