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Re: Audi of America Survey

>I received a phone call from Audi of America today, from a Les, I believe.
>He queried me on problems with my new car, quality of service (N/A so far),
>and general questions.  Towards the end, I added that I'd have preferred
>better stock tires and that I wanted them to import the S4 before my lease
>is up.  He chuckled and said I was about the sixth person to say that today
>I don't know if Audi pays much attention, but it was an unsolicited call and
>it's not common for a maker to get consistent requests for a car not
>advertised or sold in the nation.  Perhaps AOA will wake up.
>        -TMcN-

I've been on the factory side of things for many years in the auto
industry, responsible for providing the overseas parent company with
product requests among other things. While your type of feedback is
helpful, it pales into insignificance compared to dealer requests.  That's
the place to insert a lever and start prying.  And I don't mean the tech,
or a salesman either.  Call the dealership, and ask for the owner in a
pleasant way that doesn't sound alarms (oh no, an unhappy customer). Many
(most) Dealers (the owner's official title from the factory standpoint)
will be pleased to talk to you about what you'd like to buy in the future,
and they in turn need ammo like this to speak with their factory contacts
if they're going to get it.  Offer to send him a note as written proof -
you can bet your heated seats a copy of that note will end up in a top
factory exec's hands. Dealers themselves are treated like celebrities by
the factories. (A Lexus Dealer I know won a bet with the Chairman and was
flown to Australia to attempt a world record shark catch on a flyrod
($$$$$) gratis)

Audi in Germany makes decisions based upon whether things will sell enough
to justify the enormous investment in low volume models like the fabulous S
models. The more pull they get from dealers, the more likely it is to
happen. Just thought you might appreciate the insight.........


Doug Miller