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Re: FS: Wrecked 91' V8

i'd question that estimate...
about 6 months ago, almost the exact same damage was inflicted on my '91
200q.  total damage:  almost $5,000, make it $4,000 is you take out the
additional cost for replacing the bumper cover ($700 for parts)

there aren't many of these cars to begin with, driving up parts prices.
then, the value of our cars is so low (to the insurers) that they total them
rather than fix them, further shrinking the market for replacement parts
(pure conjecture on my  part, but why else is the fender for a '91 200q 2x
the cost for a '90 200q?)


At 03:07 PM 1/20/97 -0700, Ben Howell wrote:
> snip...
>It caught my eye because they had a 91' V8 parked out front. So, I stoped
>and looked at it and it really isn't bad at all! The right front fender
>was pretty folded up and it would need a new plastic inner fender liner,
>but other than that it was BEAUTIFUL!!! There was also a samll ding in the
>hood where the fender got pushed into it, but it was a very easy fix.
> snip...
>guess that if you bought the car and put another $1500 or so into it, you
>would have a VERY nice V8 on your hands. 
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