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Re: Activa

as i understand it the citroen activa has active roll control which means that
the car stays flat during cornering.  i think they also control pitch.  the
way they do it is to utilise citroen's existing oil suspension but in a "positive"

the comments you made about not knowing the limit to adhesion have also
been made about the activa, and i think was made in the test.  overall the
testers were a little disappointed with the car.

'93 s2
'90 ur-q

..>Is this a TRUE active suspension?  Meaning can it power the wheels both
..>down and up at fast cycle rates?  I was on the active suspension team for
..>the Corvette after GM purchased Lotus Engineering.  Got to drive a test
..>mule several times with a fully active suspension, and later pitch the
..>system to Roger Smith as a $30,000 option (GM's cost: $45,000).  It was
..>truly awesome and even a rank amateur could look like Emmo in the darn
..>thing. One major drawback was that you literally could not feel that you
..>were on the edge of adhesion until the world began to rotate.