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re: Audi vs. Jeep

> From: Alexei M Voloshin <Alexei.M.Voloshin-1@tc.umn.edu>
> If you need the clearance, why not buy an Outback??

A nice car, but not anywhere near as functional as a Jeep for
some activities.

> The bad thing about Jeeps is not handling, but their wastefullness! 
> Come on, 15 MPG? 

Yet an Audi's MPG is wasteful, compared to a more basic 4 door sedan.
Come on, why don't we all drive generic little econoboxes?

> The only thing I can imagine one would need a Jeep for is to tow a 1000HP 
> powerboat. But then you don't use too much anyways.

Well, maybe you can expand your mind a little and imagine that some people
have a lifestyle where a more truck-like vehicle works better than a car.

Comparing these two vehicles is just plain silly.

(former) 85 4ksq owner
91 Jeep Cherokee
74 260-Z