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Re: Canadian ur-q for sale

> Checking the microfiche, the below-dash fusebox was fitted up to and
> including 85-C-902000, if there was such a vehicle.  The under-bonnet
> housing has been used since 85-D-900001, although the part number has
> changed a few times.

... wish I could get my grubbies on the UK-spec fiche ... :)

It turns out that my car is an early "D" model and it does have the 
fusebox under the dash.  I think that most if not all US-spec D models
were under dash.  Perhaps this tidbit means that the car was originally
Euro spec?  Does it look like the fuse box is hacked in?  Perhaps Dave 
can tell us how easy it is to disguise the hack ... :)
> Cable locks (two levers, either side of the gear lever) were used up to
> 85-B-901221.  A single knob was fitted between 85-B-901222 and
> 85-E-901500*, and a rotating knob between 85-F-900001 and 85-H-902400.
> 85-J-900051 onwards have the electronically controlled system that
> accompanies the TORSEN.

There are very few US/Canada spec models with the cables ... and fewer 
that came stock with TORSENS ;-)  The early '83 (D) US spec model came 
with a push/pull diff lock switch that has two positions, IN => all 
unlocked, OUT => center and rear locked.  That said, it is very easy to
retrofit the 3 position switch on the early cars (DT), so it might have 
been added later ...
> The front "stabiliser" (in Audi-speak) changed to add the drop links
> after 85-C-902000.
In the US this was a running fix in the "D" models ...

I'm thinking that the car may be a Euro-spec version that was imported to 
North America.  It would be interesting to know what kind of headlights 
are installed ... (no flames please! :) ... The US spec cars came with 
4 rectangular sealed beam units while my understanding was that the Euro 
models came with integrated Cibie units.  There are many cars running 
around with Hella integrated units, but other than mine I've never seen 
another early urQ with Cibies.  They look very similar, but the Hellas 
have yellow retro-reflectors on the outside edges ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club