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Re: Wheel Bearing Replacement for $300

On Jan 22,  1:16pm, Orin Eman wrote:
> Can I replace the bearings
> >      myself?  Do the bearings need to be pressed in?  Does anyone know
> >      of a good honest Audi mechanic near San Clemente, CA?
> There is a tool... costs $200 or so which presses them in/pulls them out.
> Pays for itself with two replacements!  I have one, but it's loaned out
> at the moment...
	If you're willing to spend a bit more time and effort, it
	can be done without the special tool, but you have to take
	the strut assembly to a local machine shop to have the old
	bearing pressed out and the new one put in. I believe I
	wrote about the procedure a couple of years ago (August '94,


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