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Re: Hella XL's

At 09:02 AM 1/21/97 PST, you wrote:
> From your   
>experience, would it be possible from a structural / logical point of   
>view to mount them from inside the bumper assembly, shining out through   
>carefully cut holes?  It seems like that could be a really good looking   

Doable, but iffy. The understructure is fiberglass. Cutting that large a
hole would weaken it considerably - it would need to be reinforced. Add to
that the fact that the bumper isn't flat across - it angles back on each
side (looking from the top. That means the inside edge of the lamp would
have to be recessed for proper aiming - at least 1/2 inch. So they wouldn't
flush mount to the bumper. The lamps are so tall that you would have less
than 1/4" on top and bottom. Done right, it would be neat. But it wouldn't
be a weekend job!

I took my latest Autoweek out to the car yesteday and compared the full
sized Catz driving/fog lamp picture to the turn signals - now theres an easy

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