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Glue is made from a horses.... feet

As I rewrite this post for the 5th time (sorry, Avi, I don't love everybody
here), I feel compelled to join Avi in a smile on one experts' forgotten
former posts, and fondly recall Unk Bart's recent analogy to pissing up a

If one was to perform a search engine now on the "expert" testimony regarding
lights, my factual one would come up as one of many posted here in the last
month of a lot of hot air.  My arguments to Phil and Eric are documented
there as well, now date stamped, not changed or modified, just clarified.  To
be honest, I found here, experts posts on lighting so contrary to what I knew
20 years ago, that I began the quest again.  Now, as I share my cliff notes
to the list on the recent advances in lighting technology, I find proclaimed
"experts" muddying the facts for whatever reason.  In one liners and open
arguments....  BTExperiencedT...  

My real job has a name for (and I would be curious Bruce -yours) expert
testimony that never recites anything but resume and lack of time as the
source and reference for open (lingo is correct tho) statements made.  We
have wall hanging character of Gunsmokes' Festus, tho titled,  "(he) 'Festhis
- RTV"  ---  Resume, Time, Verbage.   Either pronunciation correct, and
laughing soon ensues.  "Bart's" rope then slackens and dries some.

I would propose dropping this subject alltogether (amen), tho the latest
light technologies deserve a serious and factual consideration to the weak
audi lumens.  Eric and Phil have praised the advantages of aeros(Parabolic),
by definition the second lowest on the todem pole of current lighting options
(US worst).  So technology, DE, FF, HID, HID/DE, HID/FF deserve an objective
and serious consideration, Parabolic being what it is, no more, high wattage
bulb discount applied.

I want to explore and post my cliffs on this, tho I request some tempering of
the flames, in exchange for a purposeful and correct archive post to the q
lumened disadvantaged.  Aeros are just a choice amongst many, this author
could care less what the outcome of the research was, if it was the touted
aeros, so be it.   This seems not to be the case for the 90's, testymonials

Thoughts are welcomed, I find wasted bandwidth on this subject just bladder
relieving against gravity.  I am certainly willing to stop this quest from my
side.  My "real" job doesn't dull my passion for the q's correct tweeks.  Or
my willingness to gather and share information, yet, but a wet rope is a
waste of a good grip.  If no more information is desired, I am happy to
continue on my selfish merry way to tweek my q's, list aside.  Ignorantly
blissful in the execution.

Always less than 12v, corrected for "power", only people "created" equal.....