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Canadian ur-q for sale

In message <9700228539.AA853958022@genchip.uunet.ca> "Mike Hopton" writes:

>      p.s. I was going to ask what type of lights were fitted, but......

Even the Euro cars had the cr*p quads for a while.
They weren't sealed beam, though - they were H1/H4.  From 85-D-900001 one-
piece Euros by Hella were fitted, and these were a considerable improvement.  
This changed again with the sloping grill change and Cibies like mine were 
fitted from 85-F-900001.  The Cibies have _much_ better cutoff even than the 
Hellas, as we found in our parallel tests at Hickling.
The Hellas are very prone to high-beam reflector rot.  At the AGM each 
year, there are always a dozen or so cars with brown high-beam reflectors.  I 
think this is a combination of infrequent use and poor air circulation within 
the units.

BTW - the odd little bracket needed for fitting the one-piece Euros to an ur-
quattro is part# 855 941 117 (left) and 855 941 118 (right).  I suspect only 
the Hella Euros (856 941 029 and 856 941 030) will fit an older (vertical 
grill) ur-quattro.

It looks as if the stock halogen bulbs have never changed. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club