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Audi also put stuff like this on the wheel arch between the back door and
the rear wheel on some cars (my V8 had it).  Only problem was, on my pearl
color, after a few years the stuff looked kind of yellow and stuck out
against the paint....YMMV.....SLM

At 09:06 AM 1/22/97 -0800, you wrote:
>All I can say on this subject is Stongard.
>I think that bra's are so ugly and I would hate to see any A4 owner put
>one of these things on their car. I bought the full stongard kit for my
>A4q and I'm very glad I did. In fact, every new car I buy from now on
>will get this treatment. 
>Stongard is the clear plastic layer that is bonded to the paint on the
>front portion of a car, covering the same area that a bra would. Its
>hard to describe how it looks, but Porsche delivers cars with the stuff
>put on at the factory on the rear wheel flares, to protect against rock
>check out: http://www.stongard.com for more info. My complete kit for
>the A4q was ~$400.
>The only negative thing I have heard some people say about the stuff is
>that the paint fades differently under the stongard surface, thus after
>a few years making the car look bad. I find this hard to believe (and I
>have never heard a confirmed story of this problem), and secondly my car
>is Casablanca White, and I didnt see how it could fade.
> -reiner

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