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V6 reliability

Just thought I should add my two cents worth:

The engine on my 93 100S uses quite a bit of oil (up to a quart every 1500 
miles). It runs smooth though. Over the past years, I had several problems. all 
taken care of under warranty:

- leaking oil sump
- leaking oil pump
- leaking transmission: new transmission was installed after warranty had 
expired at no cost to me. Apparently it is one of the newer generation 
transmissions. The gearing is a bit shorter, and the car feels more lively than 
with the previous trans. Compared to other cars I have owned, this is quite a 
long list. The good part is that AoA has been very good about it. At issue is 
whether I will be encountering the same problems down the road. I really like 
the car, and intend to keep it for a long time. 

BTW, my mechanic insists on using single grade Valvoline, saying that it is 
better for longevity than multigrade oils. Any one would like to comment?

Yves Badaroux

93 100S