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Re: Battery problems in 93 90CS

Hairy green toads from Mars made Daniel Adams say:

> The recent posting about the battery drain on a S4 Quattro made me curious 
> if anyone else had the same battery problems I had.  When my car was 18 
> months old my battery died.  It was towed and the battery replaced under 
> warranty.  About a month ago (18 months later) I noticed that the battery 
> was slow in turning the motor over.  It died one night and I got a jump 
> start (not under warranty).  I drove 5 miles and it died while I was idling. 
>  I jumped it again and it died after driving 50 feet.  I had AAA tow it to 
> my dealer and they checked the charging system and said it was the battery. 
>  Since the battery (Autobahn 72month/650amp) was 18 months old.  The 
> pro-rate was $22 of the $109!! replacement.

The Autobahn in my '89 100Q is still running strong after almost
9 years (build date: 4/88).


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