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Re: netiquette, OY!

I am including the below message to make 2 additional points--

1, As far as including the text from previous messages--When I see a message I might want to 
read, it *really* helps to see it in context.  Many different mini-threads end up coming from a 
single message, often with the exact same subject line.  For example, there are currently at 
least two threads titled "netiquette" going on right now after only a few days of this topic. 
How do I know what I'm reading when I pick one of these messages?  

2, Email takes up next to NO bandwidth; that argument is really irrelevant, unless you've got a 
300 baud modem or your provider charges you per email (if so, change both).   And a good deal of 
an email's 'bulk' can be in the header, often 10-20 lines, several hundred characters--this will 
not change no matter how long the email is.   (If you're not seeing the header, check if you 
email package enables viewing headers--don't worry, they're there somewhere).   I provide email 
to organizations of up to 200 accounts with a single 28.8 dial up line. People also surf and do 
file transfer using that same connection, with no significant speed problems.  In fact, the only 
time there is a problem is when someone is surfing, downlodding bandwidth hungry bloated 
graphics from poorly executed web pages.    Take a look at th bible, the Bandwidth Conservation 
Society: http://www.infohiway.com/faster/index.html

Anyway, I hope this netiquette thread ends somtime in my lifetime, and we can get back to the 

Jonathan Monetti

PS I'm grouchy this morning, so I hope the above doesn't sound too dour.  I love the list and 
read religiously--a lot of you guys have given me very valuable information I couldn't have 
gotten elsewhere, and I think this is the perect forum for admiring, troubleshooting, gloating, 
coveting, what have you.    Thanks to all!

>>Let me also add my 2 cents to those complaining about the listers who copy
>whole messages and digests.  I think we need to have some patience here. 
>There is no easy method for people to learn netiquette, and the list
> concept
>is not clearly understood by many. 
>Hmmm, agreed.  If anyone ever read instructions it might help to have a
>paragraph about it in the Welcome to the Quattro List response to
>s*bscr*bing.  But people don't.  Hence the periodic requests to have
>explained how to un-slushcrithe from accidental slushscrithers.  I just
>reply to them with the original instructions that came with my fabulous new
>toy.  Tolerating other people's learning curves is something that just come
>with the territory of an open ended social arrangement like this.
>This list is definitely wiorth the email management chores it entails
> IMHO. 
>Thanks Dan.
>Huw Powell
>HUMAN Speakers
>I'd like to open my head and let out all of my time,
>But the ocean doesn't want me today...
>Tom Waits