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RE: Steering Wheel Squeak

In a note dated 1/22/97, Kerry Leeds asks;
>My steering wheel/steering column in my 91 200tq is emitting an annoying
squeak >when I turn the wheel. Anybody know if I can just spray something in

If it is the same as earlier Audi's, I have had good luck with Tri-Flo (as a
cyclist and sailer I always have the stuff around) killing this mouse in a
couple different cars. The noise (I think) comes from the horn circuit
contactor from the wheel to the steering column which is a copper on copper
wiper. The "right way" is remove the wheel, disassemble, clean, lubricate,
and reassemble-do you really want to do that on an air-bag car??? Try
Tri-Flo...it worked for me, use a rag underneath to catch the excess and the
smell won't linger too long (and isn't that bad anyway). HTH

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (with dead mouse in the steering column for > 2years now)