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Re: Ur-Q Hot Start Problem

Phil Payne wrote:
> >  the later cars have an improved blower motor, injector
> >  cooling set up.
> There was a running change (and perhaps a TSB) that put a hole in the injector
> fan shroud so that some of the air on its way to cool the injectors themselves
> would escape and blow across under the bonnet to cool the fuel lines.  I've
> never seen an ur-quattro without this hole, but on the early ones it's always
> roughly cut and varies in size.  On the later ones, it's moulded into the
> shroud.

My April 1985 WR006123 engine ur-q has it's original shroud, without the
hole.  Fortunatly, I dont have any hot-start problems.

On another note....I responded to an classified advert. in a car mag
offering dealer brochures on most Audi and Volks models. The guy wants
for each of the ur-q brochures(he has 7). I this not a bit steep??