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Re: Canadian ur-q for sale

> BTW - the odd little bracket needed for fitting the one-piece Euros to an ur-
> quattro is part# 855 941 117 (left) and 855 941 118 (right).  I suspect only 
> the Hella Euros (856 941 029 and 856 941 030) will fit an older (vertical 
> grill) ur-quattro.
FYI ... my Cibie lights match my stock (vertical) grille ... I didn't buy them
so I can't tell you from whence they were obtained ... but I can say that they
look just like the ones in the pictures I've seen of European urQs of that 
vintage.  The Hellas I've seen on urQs look different ...

... what I want is a Euro bumper with lights so that I can complete the effect!