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A4 Avant/V6 5V

This week's Autoweek has a statement from Gerd Claus, AoA Vice Chairman.
According to Autoweek, "his company's pipeline provides  an A4 V6 with
five-valve heads this summer, an A4 Avant (wagon) this fall and the new A6
in November.  But, he said, "We will not bring the A3 to the United States.
The American consumer wants a notchback, not a hatchback."     Autoweek,
January 30, 1997, p. 18.

Since this was stated to a national magazine at the NAIAS, it would seem to
have some weight to it.  Perhaps those who want such things can hold off
just a bit...?

Also noted, for diesel fans, is the VW jetta TDi.  Autoweek states, "VWoA
will launch the turbodiesel Jetta TDi this spring, but has not decided when
or if to bring in the Golf TDi."      Autoweek, January 30, 1997, p. 17.
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