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5000 headliner

Has anyone successfully replaced a headliner in a 5000?  Mine, as well 
as my dad's, is falling in the rear, from what I can see, the foam 
between the fabric and the board has disintegrated.  Re-glueing will 
not work.  I was wondering if I should have an upholstery shop do a new 
one, buy a dealer replacement $$$$, or try toremove one in a junkyard.  
It also seem that it would be difficult to remove in one piece, 
although my local dealer says it can be done through the right front 
Any help would be appreciated, as every 5000 with the cloth headliner 
seems to have this problem-the older hard headliners seem to stay well, 
but are probably noisier.

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA