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Re: Oil temp/voltage gauges

J. Smethers wrote:
> Audi'tes,
> I took advantage of the mild weather today to replace some bulbs in the car.
> The cluster now has lights, greatly improving my nighttime speeding (ah, I
> mean driving).  On another note, I replaced the two small lights in back of
> the diff/volt/oil temp panel assuming that this is why I cannot read the
> volts or oil temp and also why the two diff. lights never come on.  Nothing
> changed, no lights at all.
> Does anyone have any tips for repairing this problem?  Is the PCB replaceable?

Jeff, As far as the dash illumination not coming back on, I can't really 
say... However I would like to add that the 2 green lights for the diff 
locks not coming on is usuallu a sign that the diffs are not locking.
If you can verify that the diffs are in fact locking when the switch is 
turned, then I would look to the senders in the respective housings.
I have seen this on each of the 4kq's I have owned. After a few years 
the little actuators break where the vaccum lines attach to it, or the 
little rod that works the lock gets rustly and quits moving. (I have 
saeen this more in the rear...)
Good luck, 


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