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V8 quattro, 200 quattro, 90 quattro, quattro coupe

I have owned an 86 5000TQ before that I bought with high mileage and ended
up putting quite q bit of money into it. I am now looking at one of the
following cars and was wondering if any one new of any problems I should
look for on each of these models:
90 or 91 200 Quattro
90 or 91 20V 90 Quattro
90 or 91 Quattro coupe
90 V8 Quattro
Also, I have noticed in some sale ads for the 200 and V8 that they
sometimes say that the front brakes have been retrofitted back to the
regular discs. I know on the V8 they came out with a new design that put
the caliper in the "center" rather than on the outside of the rotor. Was
there a problem with this design and is it a major expense or problem with
the car?
Thanks for any info any of you can share!