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RE:Possible 91 200q purchase; questions

My '91 200q is a wonderful car, but I still have some real issues with its
performance.  This is after substancial repairs at about 95k.  These included:

        transmission rebuild
        water pump
        waste gate valve
        vacuum leak
        engine seals 
        windshield leaked and more

It still needs a bomb, and has a stumble that could apparently be O2, engine
running too cool, or throttle position sensor.

Audi dealer and local Audi shops just don't have the test equipment to
really keep this car running right.  I've learned more from the guys on this
list than I ever did in 6 months of taking the car to the "shop".
>There is a 91 200q for sale here in western mass.Pearl
>what should I be looking for. I know on my 89 and the MC cars there was 
>hydraulic issues, rear calipers, racks and you know that other stuff.
>Since I never thought I would have a 20V I never paid much attention to
>any posts. So what should I be looking for.

Steve Gronback
TGS Studios
91 Audi 200q
Look KG 96 Team Replica