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'89 80 Quattro Purchase

 Fellow VW/Audi people. I am looking for info for a purchase that I am about to
 make. I have found a 1989 80 Quattro. It seems to be in good condition, 5sp, pwr 
 everything, ABS and (gulp) 125K miles on it. Because of the miles I can get it for, what
 I think is a very good price, $4500.00 . 
 I would like to know any and all information you might be able to supply me with about
 this car and or any 80/90 information.
 Also, things that I should look for, quattro concerns, and "the good, the bad and the ugly"
 about this model, and year.
 I am located in the Allentown, PA area, if this makes a difference.

 Thanks in advance. I know I will get much usesfull information from this group.

 Glenn Strouse