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Wheels etc for 5k?

Hey guys,

I'm seeking opinions on 15" or 16" wheels which look good in an understated 
 way i.e. not too flashy (no chrome here) for my '87 5ktqw.    I'm looking 
for 15x7 or 16x7 so if anyone has aftermarket wheels for sale, let me know. 
  Any comments on Borbet Type H on an Audi would be welcome.     Tire Rack 
doesn't have much to offer for the 5k.  I heard that Mercedes and Audi 5k 
share the same bolt circle of 5x112 but I guess the offsets are different.

I'm planning to put in stiffer springs/shocks later this year, lowering it a 
tad and add a deeper front spoiler with some good driving lights.  Has 
anyone dealt with Erubuni Corp in NYC,  advertises body kits in EC?  Has 
anyone looked into flaring the fenders to stuff more rubber in there?  17" 
wheels w. 235/40s would be nice :).  Going for the DTM look.  Anyone with 
H&R springs, how much did they lower the car and how's the ride?

If anyone is interested in my stock 15x6 wheels, let me know or else I may 
keep them for snows.

p.s. to all who expressed interest in my wagon when I was thinking of 
selling, looks like I'm keeping it since my sister's VW Fox was totalled. 
  I'm keeping the '88 5ks in the family by selling it to her but  I
still get to maintain it.  That's 2 Audi converts in my family and I'm 
working on my Dad who loves the wagon.


Steve Jagernauth  --------->  sjagernauth@attmail.com
'87 5ktqw, '87 5kt, '88 5ks, '74 911/3.0