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RE:4Q bumper lights

Mike Veglia sed:
>Years ago when I owned my first 4kcsq (87) when it was new there were fog
>(driving ?) lights available from the dealer parts dept. (on sale cheap
>too-shoulda woulda coulda...) that fit where these reflectors are located.
>This was a kit complete with factory switch and wiring. Perhaps Linda could
>shed some light (pun intended) on this? HTH...

Ummm, I bought one of these kits.  They fit into (trimmed) holes in the
lower air intake grill...not designed for the bumper.

BTW, what would stop one from putting the turn indicators into the parking
light receptacles, by using a double filament socket vice the single
filament one there, and some creative wiring?

87 4kcsq alpine white/light grey cloth
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