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87 Coupe CV joints

I have a problem with my car!  Audi decided that they were going
to make three CV joints for the 87 Coupes.  I have been to told that
Audi start the production year with the normally Coupe CV joints
and than transfered to a bigger one for about 7 week, 7 week where
there were 13,000 cars made.  Than Audi decides to change the CV 
joint one more time and put the 80, 90 CV's.  Well my car seem to 
be in that 7 week time frame so I am hosed because I am going to 
have to buy the Lobro joint form the dealer at a price of $450.00.
I am not willing to pay the God's just yet.  Can anyone help me.
Can anyone stop the pain.  
All so has anyone heard of this befor or am I the only one in the
U.S. with this problem. I was thinking of a  way to get around the
problem and, I would like to know if I could put a rebuild axle
(inner, outer CV's and drive shaft) from a 80, 90 on my car?  Would
that work or am I smoking something funny?

			 --Ken Fluhr--
			87 Audi Coupe GT