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RE: Possible 91 200q purchase; questions

Steve Gronback wrote:

> windshield leaked and more

Mine does too- right side. Is there an easy fix? If not, what is the 
difficult fix? (Dealer couldn't even FIND it, never mind fix it!!

> Audi dealer and local Audi shops just don't have the test equipment to
really keep this car running right. 

IMO, what they lack most is knowledge. You should try taking an Ur-Q 
to my dealer!

> I've learned more from the guys on this
> list than I ever did in 6 months of taking the car to the "shop".
Me too. Thanks to everyone.

Kerry Leeds
91tq RS2ex.man, Ur-Q Ronals
89 80q betterhalfmobile
87 Fat Chance (daily commuter)
96 Y-22 (frameset only original)
Too many skis
big-ass snowblower (w/synthetic oil- flame all you want!)

Steve Gronback
TGS Studios
91 Audi 200q
Look KG 96 Team Replica