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RE:4Q bumper lights

 RE:4Q bumper lights

>BTW, what would stop one from putting the turn indicators into the
>light receptacles, by using a double filament socket vice the single
>filament one there, and some creative wiring?

Only the difficulty of trying to find a double-filament socket that
fits the
OEM socket mounting hole in the light ... tried this with my 5k,
struck out
and decided to add a second bulb instead.  Much easier...

I installed my turn signal (86Coupe-4kq) into the side market element
with a small
jumper wire from the original connector.  I placed driving lights into
the bumper
position originally enclosing the turn signals.

Problem is there harder to see in the side marker position, especially
with the headlights on!  

Other than that, they work fine!