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V8 Owners=Insane?

  Well, I was doing some calling around on V8 parts on Yesterday and I
want to know how Audi gets away with these prices?! Actually, I want to
know how you guys deal with the prices of these parts. These cars make
UrQ's look like Yugo's!!!!

 Example: Distributor cap: $179x2!!! Rotor is NOT available. Top end
gasket set: $489.00!! $417 for the three timing belt tensioners. $350 for
a water pump???....are they joking?

  My questions are as follows: Where do you V8 owners get your parts. Are
you actually paying dealer prices or is there a better source? Linda? What
am I missing here? 

  No wonder the resale of these cars is terrible! :(

 Please help me out on this one...it's going to kill me!

Laters, Ben
Lakewood, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ